Pets of the Week at HAHR


Copper- Well, hello there! I’m Copper, the big red dog! I am a super sweet boy and I love just about everyone I meet! Even though I am just shy of 120 pounds, I walk very well on the leash and my manners are impeccable. I do well with other dogs and am great with cats. Even the grumpy cats, here. The other dogs warned me about them, but they aren’t so bad. I know basic commands like “sit”, “lay down” and “stay”. The volunteers here love me. They say they can’t pick favorites, but I am up high on the list. I would do best with a large yard to lounge in and a family who will love me, for the big, goofball that I am. My adoption fee is $175 . I would love to meet you very soon!

Ted- I am a super lovable, short haired kitty. You know how they say curiosity killed the cat? They were talking about me. I don’t put myself in too much danger, but I want to check out everything! If a door opens, you can count on seeing my face right on the other side. I do fine with the calmer cats here, but the mean ones, forget it. They are so bad! Always trying to boss me around. I don’t like that. I would prefer a home without dogs. They are big and stinky! Who needs them anyway? I love to snuggle up against you and don’t mind being carried around. Wet food…I live for it! I would really like to be in a home of my own, where I can explore all doors without the threat of the ‘cat mafia’ that resides here! My adoption fee is $35.